Who We Are

Feels Like a Family
Works Like a Team

Dynamic Insurance Services, Inc. is a pioneer in the Final Expense Tele-sales industry, and our platform was designed and created by working agents. Every employee at Dynamic started out as an advocate agent.

We strongly believe that selling leads to agents who don’t know how to sell final expense over the phone is the wrong way to do business, because that concept puts most agents out of business in the first 60-90 days.

Our system allows agents to start selling right away and we work closely with them to develop their skills to the point where they are ready to have top commission levels and buy discounted leads. In our system a hard-working agent who is willing to learn can grow and attain success in a way that does not put them at financial risk.

We also believe in advocating for the Seniors we speak with who are attempting to navigate the life insurance market to ensure that their loved ones are not left with a tremendous financial burden when they pass. We don’t look at our applicants as leads; we look at them as human beings who need our help. By truly advocating for our seniors, we have attained the highest retention rate in the industry.

We also developed our own carrier and final expense product to ensure we are ALWAYS able to offer the best coverage and ensure that our clients’ families are protected by a company we KNOW they can trust. When the time comes, their family will have the money they need as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on giving our best effort to provide the best coverage for any and every client we speak with, regardless of their circumstances.

So no matter what your background is, or how long you’ve been in this industry, you deserve an opportunity to make a great living while learning, growing and becoming all you can be. Our most cherished responsibility is to ensure our advocate agents progress in their career at Dynamic. We do that by creating a positive, healthy, and supportive work environment for every member of the Dynamic Insurance Services team and to provide everything our agent advocates need to help families get the coverage they need and make amazing money doing it. That is the Dynamic difference.