TIER 1 – Agent In Training

This is where the Dynamic Insurance Services journey begins.

This tier features a free lead system and zero technology fee. It also includes intense hands-on training from our sales coaches, and an environment in which you can learn and develop your skills as an agent advocate with mentoring from some of the most successful people in the industry. The idea is to come in and get extreme support, work, learn and with consistent work ethic (6-8 hours per day 5 days per week) you will be promoted to the next level! Rapid advancement is the key to success at Dynamic.

  • Free Leads- Outbound and live warm transfers
  • No Tech Fee
  • Live Sales Support
  • Intensive Training both live and one on one
  • Contracting Support
  • Client Retention Support

TIER 2 – Apprentice Agent

Tier 2 is the next step for hard working agents who have proven their consistent attendance, coachability and the ability to produce. This promotion happens within the first few weeks of being on the phone.

This tier contains many of the same features as Tier 1 but includes a higher contract level and the company makes an investment in helping obtain the nonresident states our advocates need to be successful and self-sufficient. It includes the same hands-on support from our team. At this point our advocates are making more money and helping more families.

  • Free Leads- Outbound and live warm transfers
  • Access to Power Level Warm Transfers
  • Higher Commission Level
  • Live and One on One Sales Support
  • Administrative Support
  • Contracting Support

TIER 3 – Seasoned Agent

Tier 3 is for seasoned agents who have proven consistent production and excellent retention.

This tier features the highest commission level in the industry on a free lead program. At the Tier 3 level we teach our advocate agents higher level sales techniques and offer them our Power Transfers reserved only for the best. This is where our advocate agents begin to prepare to become fully independent agents and potential virtual agency managers. It takes focus, hard work and dependability to reach this level, but the rewards are worth it for those who do.

  • Highest commission level in the industry on a free lead program
  • Still supported but seasoned agents need less support and have all the required state licenses
  • Agent Retention Support
  • Contracting Support

TIER 4-6 – Power Agents

Tiers 4-6 are for the advocate agents who have a proven track record of success. They are our biggest producers and have proven competency in all aspects of the business. In Tier 4 our advocate agents begin to buy their own leads at a discounted rate and the company helps supplement this transition by providing free aged leads. Our support team will help with all required technology and still assist with client retention and contracting. The contract levels go as high as 140% and the best of the best will have the opportunity to manage their own virtual team and get overrides on that team.

  • Commission Levels Up To 140%
  • Potential for Virtual Agency Manager
  • Discounted Lead Cost
  • Agent Retention Support
  • Contracting Support