I’m interested in a job with Dynamic Insurance Services. What kind of training or schooling do I need?

All you need is a current life insurance license. We do all the training. Our agent advocates all go through 4 days of virtual classroom training then receive live on call training and one one sessions as needed. We also have a daily training huddle to start each day. Our training is second to none.

What are my career options with Dynamic Insurance Services?

All of our employees started out as an agent advocate so as we grow, we will continue to promote from within. Every agent advocate participates in our Rapid Advancement Program. Promotions are based on excellent work ethic, production and good policy retention. As our agent advocates grow and improve they receive higher commission levels and we invest in their non-resident state acquisitions. The sky’s the limit at Dynamic!

How do you rate the success of an employee at Dynamic Insurance Services?

Success is measured by hard work and production and those two things are directly related.

What is the company culture at Dynamic Insurance Services?

We like to say “feels like a family and works like a team”. Our team is dedicated to creating a warm and driven environment where we respect and support every partner including employees, agent advocates, carriers and our clients. Our motto is Win Win or No Deal and we meant it. Every member of the Dynamic family has to earn their spot on the team every day, that is the Dynamic Difference!

Is this a sales job?

It is but it is also an advocacy position. Being a true advocate means more than just selling it means caring. We don’t work with leads we work with human beings and we care a lot about the people we serve..

What does day to day look like for an agent advocate?

We start every morning with a training huddle around 9am central time and we offer support until around 6pm central time. Our agents average around 10 conversations per day and that translates to between 1-3 sales per day. We work Monday-Friday. We believe in a work life balance so rarely do we work weekends. We love what we do and we have fun doing it.

What is training like?

We provide four days in a virtual classroom with instruction from some of the most successful Final Expense telesales agents in the industry. We make our training fun and interactive and the training never stops. We have daily training huddles to start the day and our coaches are there to answer underwriting questions in chat and provide live coaching while agent advocates are on the phone. We also provide one on one coaching as needed.

How quickly can I move up in tiers?

Every agent advocate is different but most of our agents get their first promotion in the first couple of weeks if they show up every day, work hard, learn and produce. Consistently working 6-8 hours per day is required to be considered for promotion. The other levels are based on talk time and production. 30-60 days is not uncommon for promotion.

What, exactly, is Final Expense Insurance?

Final Expense Life Insurance is a true whole life policy with small face amounts between $10,000 and $25,000. This type of coverage is meant to cover the cost of burial or cremation and any other end of life expenses that may come up. A good Final Expense plan should include rates that are locked in for life and last the client’s whole life and never end prematurely. It should be there when the family needs it most.